Study Case : Easily Using Peduli Lindungi Apps

PeduliLindungi Apps Concept

Hello Guys, Welcome to my Journey! Today I want to share my Ideas for PeduliLindungi Apps.

What is PeduliLindungi app?

PeduliLindung is an application developed to assist relevant government agencies in tracking to stop the spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).
This application relies on community participation to share location data with each other while traveling so that tracing contact history with COVID-19 sufferers can be carried out.
Users of this application will also get a notification if they are in a crowd or are in a red zone, namely an area or sub-district where it has been recorded that there are people infected with COVID-19 positive or there are patients under surveillance.

You can check the detail on this link

What is the problem of this app?

Disclaimer: the problems that I convey are based on my experience in using this application!

The Problem of Home Menu

Case 1 and 2
  • 1) The button for the QR Code is too far to reach and the placement of the button is not good, so it is not comfortable while the QR Code button is often used.
  • 2) The location of the Home, Account, and Statistics menus is above so it’s difficult to reach
Case 3 and 4
  • 3) The statistical menu/feature is rarely used and is placed as the main menu, it is better to exchange it with the Scan QR Code menu.
  • 4) There is too much information in the Home menu, so the Map is almost closed and hard to see, you have to zoom in first

The Problem of Account

Case 5 and 6
  • 5) Putting Profile Photos and Names that are not comfortable to look at
  • 6) The “Tampilkan QR Code” button is too far to reach so it’s not convenient for the user
Case 7 and 8
  • 7) The button “Status Vaksinasi & Hasil Tes COVID-19” is less eye-catching, even though the information is often opened and the menus written below are not thick so sometimes it is difficult to read
  • 8)Put the Logout button far below, so you have to scroll first to find this menu

As users we need a good experience in using the application, so that it gives satisfaction and pleasure to use the application.

Design Sketch

Before making designs in the Figma application, I always draw designs in a sketch book, because it is easier for me to express ideas on problems by drawing manually.

Designing and Writing Problems
Designing on Sketch Book

Design Ideas for the Problem

For Design Ideas I will only show the finished concept design~

Design Concept for Home

Home Design Concept
  • 1) Placing the QR Code Button closer to the thumb, so that it is easily accessible by the user
  • 2) Put the Home, Account, and Barcode Scanner menus at the bottom so that they are easily accessible by users
  • 3) The Statistics feature/Menu is replaced with Barcode Scanner because the intensity of using this button is quite high. I also put features that are often used, I start from the middle there are Statistik and Info Penting. The right side is also often used, namely Paspor Digital and Teledokter. On the left that is less used is the Diary Perjalanan and Pendaftaran Vaksin. I placed the important menu from the closest to the thumb and eye focus (middle).
  • 4) Making one Search Location and Privacy Location so that it saves space and minimizes the amount of information on one page

Design Concept for Account

  • 5) Change the position of the Profile Photo above the Full Name, to make it more comfortable to see and the edit profile icon on the left
  • 6) Putting the “Tampilkan QR Code” Button below between the Home and Account menus, making it easier for users to reach
  • 7) Emphasize the menu “Status Vaksinasi & Hasil Tes COVID-19” to make it easier to find the menu and the size of the text on the menus below which is enlarged and in bold so that it is easy and comfortable to see
  • 8) Placing the Logout Button to the right of the Profile Photo so that it is easy for users to reach without scrolling down and make space more effective and efficient
Show Case 1
Show Case 2

That’s all from me, I just want to share my idea to make it easier to use the PeduliLindung application, based on my experience using this application. Thank you for following my journey of ideas and designs to the end. Have a nice day!

For more exploration design and information, you can check:

Dribble :

Linkedin :




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